Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fall 2014

Four days after Ronen was born, on June 16, was Dayton and my first anniversary.

Dayton took me out to eat and watch a movie a few days before Ronen was due because we figured I wouldn't be up for going out on our actual anniversary.

Mackenzie Smith made a wedding video for us that we got on our anniversary.

After the 16th our first year was over and Dayton had to start working again.  We got a bit of extra time since I had just had Ronen but we actually had to stay home the end of August and September to work. :)

Just because we stayed home didn't mean we didn't have fun.

We played a lot of disc golf...

Did some sight seeing and enjoyed the beautiful mountains...

And watched a lot of football.

After working for a couple months we headed down to Tennessee to spend Tabernacles with friends.

The rest of Dayton's family (except for Will who stayed home and ran routes with Dayton) was already in TN for the birth of Barrett and Devin's little girl.

We went to join them and meet Torah.

All the Warren grand kids.

Ronen and Torah.  They're only three months apart.

Ronen's first time camping in a tent.

It was a busy week for Ronen.  He fell asleep during worship multiple times.

While we were in Tennessee we decided to take a quick little trip over to North Carolina to visit Grandma Rogers.

He also got to meet his Great Great Grandpa Bill who's 102.

When we got back home we got our first real snow of the year.  It was snowing when we left but this was the first time it stuck.

One of the views from our condo.

Right now were up in Alaska with no snow whatsoever and a balmy 45 degrees.  
And everyone thinks Alaska is cold.  :)

We drove up the Alcan to Alaska to have a little family reunion.  Deborah and Trey are here also.  Ronen is having fun meeting his Grandpa for the first time and all his Uncles and Aunts.

More pictures of that later.


  1. Ronan is so cute!! I love seeing the photos of him! :)

    Thank you, Abigail, for your wonderful updates! I can't wait to see your next one. :)


  2. Thank you for your comments Lea! I appreciate them. :)

  3. He is a beautiful baby and Motherhood has been a perfect fit for you. I enjoy readign the goings on of your extended family. Looking forward to your sister's baby pics. Bless you
    Lynn from Maine