Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Basketball

The last couple weeks have been super busy with basketball.  Actually we haven't been so busy that I wouldn't have been able to post but I got lazy.  I also got lazy with the photograph challenge.  I think instead of trying to catch up I'll just start back up were I left off.

We either went down to Newhalen or NIYAC came up here every week since I last posted.

Everyone (except maybe Dad =)) loves driving down to Newhalen.

A random picture Josh took that I think looks cool.

As I mentioned before we went down to kick off their carnival with a few NIYAC games.

I love reverse bokeh.

We played a girls game and a boys game.

The next night we went back down so the older kids in high school (and Joshua who's only in sixth grade) could play the Newhalen JV boys.

That was a pretty close game but we ended up losing by three points.  I want to play them again. =)

After that game the Newhalen varsity boys played the Bristol Bay boys.  It's always a lot of fun to watch the Newhalen boys play.  They're all so good.

(Disclaimer: The games we played had nothing to do with the Newhalen or Nondalton schools.)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Three Man Basketball

For the beginning of our week of basketball we played Port Alsworth Monday, Igiugig Tuesday and Kokhanok Wednesday.  All those games were three man, co-ed.
Three man is what most the kids in the area play because most of the villages are so small there's not enough kids to play five man, much less a girls and boys team.  Since we can't play with the team in Nondalton because we're home schooled we have our own three man team, the Grizzlies.  It's just our family and Josh A.  The Grizzlies went undefeated this year!

We played four games in Port A.

Quentin and Jerome jumping.

Quentin and John jumping for the third game.

The next day we went to Igiugig to play.  Igiugig has a good team and was undefeated before we played them.  It was a great game and we only won by one point.  Although the joy in that fact is diminished a bit when you think of the fact that they had one boy who made almost all of their points.  He must of had close to fifty by the end of the game. 

Anna didn't get to this time because there wasn't room in the plane.  Joshua was more interested in the game then taking pictures so this is all we have.

On Wednesday we went to Kokhanok.  We play two games and they were a lot of fun.  Joshua and Anna both got to play a lot there.  They both play really good for Jr. High.  When Joshua gets in high school he's going to be a force to be reckoned with. =)

It was an awesome three days.  Too bad that was pretty much the beginning and end of Deborah's and my season.  Everyone else has been playing quite a few Jr. High games vs. Newhalen.  They played Pee Wee and Jr. High games yesterday to kick off the Newhalen carnival then today we're having our last high school game of the year vs. the Newhalen JV Boys. That should either be a really fun game or we'll get creamed. =)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Visit from Amanda

So I have been seriously slacking when it comes to the Photography Challenge but I'll get around to posting last weeks picture and this weeks in a few days.

The reason I've been slacking so bad is because we had a friend from North Dakota visiting last week and basketball season is in full swing this week.  We have games everyday this week.

Amanda, our friend from North Dakota, came up to Alaska to visit family and play some music.  She's a wonderful musician and came to Nondalton to stay with for a few days and do a concert.

We had the concert at Regina's.

Augustine, Hazel's little sister, the cutest little baby we get to babysit.

While Amanda was here we took her to get wood.  It was one of the more interesting wood getting trips.  It had been super warm out so when we tried to go to our old spot there was to much water so gave up after trying a few different ways and went to a different spot.

We played quite a few card games while she was here too.


We had to play some blackjack and Texas hold'em too.

After visiting us Amanda spent the weekend in Port Alsworth so Deborah and I decided it would be the perfect time to visit Jael and hangout in Port A for the weekend.

We picked the perfect time.  Saturday night we had a movie night at the school with pizza then afterwords we had a girls night and sleepover at Jael's. =)

The next day of course was Super Bowl Sunday.  We went to a Super Bowl party at Glen and Patty's (my Dad's boss).

It was awesome to watch football on a TV that you could actually see the ball on.  The signal is so bad at our house you can't.

After we figured the Super Bowl was pretty much decided, Deborah, Amanda and I went party hopping to the Walsh's.  Of course as we were walking to their house the 49ers made like three touchdowns.  Turned out to be a pretty good game after all.  =)

We stayed till Monday when the rest of our homeschool team, the Grizzlies, came up to play the Port A kids.  I'll post about our week of Basketball later.