Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 3 in PR

We found Vegenaise at Fresh Mart! =)

So far I've been very surprised with the selection you can find.  Everything is more expensive though so hopefully we'll be able to eat almost completely local in the future to save money.  But it's been nice to have familiar foods to help with culture shock. =)

The house we're staying in for the first month is in Rincon, a town along the west coast of the island.

It's an amazing house with beautiful views and an awesome pool.

From the balcony we can see the ocean with quite a beautiful forest in between.

The house is surrounded by avocado trees, banana trees, palm trees.... It's beautiful.

~ ~ ~ 52 Week Photography Challenge ~ ~ ~

This weeks challenge was "something new".  Everything was new this week. =)  This is a banana (or plantain, I can't tell) tree in the backyard.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Moving to Puerto Rico

We are in Puerto Rico!

Our trip went great and was as uneventful as could be with 11 people, 2 dogs, 21 checked bags, and 22 carry on's.  The only thing less then great that happened was a $10 dollar stroller was lost which I would call a pretty successful trip (plus the stroller has been found we just have to go pick it up).

Sarah and the boys had a big job packing all of our luggage into two rented minivans for our drive to Dallas.

We drove to Dallas on Monday and ate supper at the Magic Time Machine, a themed restaurant with different themes for every table and all the waiters and waitresses dressed up as characters.  We had Cruella de Vil for a waitress.  It was very fun.

The next morning we drove to the airport leaving plenty of time to fly out on our evening flight.  It took us quite awhile to unload all of our stuff and check all the bags.

We ended up only having to wait past security for a few hours.  It was a very nice airport that even had a special room for pets to use the bathroom.  The kids loved watching the planes out the window.

From Dallas we flew to Ft. Lauderdale.  We were in a brand new section of the airport that was still under construction.  It doesn't have much in it now but it will be very nice when it's done.

From Ft. Lauderdale we flew into Agudilla, PR which is a old Air Force base turned into a very nice, small, airport.  We flew on Spirit Airlines which was actually cheaper to fly into Agudilla then San Juan which was great since were staying near there.

The caretaker of the house we're staying at met us at the airport in the middle of the night when we landed.  After having to rent a third car to be able to get all of our luggage to the house we were off.

It was a short 30 minute drive to the house.  The streets were for the most part completely empty.  I was surprised at how many stores and restaurants they have here from the states.  Dayton was happy to see Chili's. =)

After sleeping in the next day we went to the grocery store to get ready for Yom Kippur.  The store we found was just like any of the stores in the states.  They had many brands I recognized and a surprising amount of organic food.  Most of the labels and ingredients were in English which was very helpful for us non Spanish speakers. =)  Learning Spanish is on the top of my priority list.  The language barrier as far as speaking to people is a bit more than I was expecting.

Now that Yom Kippur is over I'm planning on checking out Fresh Mart tomorrow.  I''m hoping they'll have vegeniase.  =)

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Moving and 2015

Well it's official!  We're moving to Puerto Rico!

I guess it's been official for a while but not as long as you'd think being as how we're getting on a plane in two days. =)

This year has been crazy.  We haven't been in one place longer then a couple weeks ever since April.  We've been splitting our time between Dayton's Grandparent's because of health issues and Colorado for work.  I am looking forward to being stuck on an island for awhile. =)

~ 52 Week Photography Challenge ~

I've also started a 52 week photo challenge with my sister, my brother and sister-in-law, and a friend.

This weeks challenge was "Self Portrait".

 Week 1 - Self Portrait - Abigail -  SEE a Thousand Words

We're posting a new picture every Friday over at  Voting is open over the weekend.  Go and vote for your favorite!

~ ~ ~

Here are some more pictures from our year.


Friday, September 18, 2015


{This is a post I wrote last year and never got around to publishing.  So "this summer" was actually last summer.  Just thought I'd share some pictures of  cute kittens. =)}

While we were visiting Grandma this summer Deborah, Ronen, and I had fun playing with the kittens.

 Ronen enjoyed the grass on his feet.

They were good photo subjects.


While we were playing with kittens Dayton and Trey pulled down some branches that had broken off and were just hanging there.

They decided it would easier to hook the branches up to the truck and pull them down instead of cutting them down with a chainsaw.