Sunday, September 20, 2015

Moving and 2015

Well it's official!  We're moving to Puerto Rico!

I guess it's been official for a while but not as long as you'd think being as how we're getting on a plane in two days. =)

This year has been crazy.  We haven't been in one place longer then a couple weeks ever since April.  We've been splitting our time between Dayton's Grandparent's because of health issues and Colorado for work.  I am looking forward to being stuck on an island for awhile. =)

~ 52 Week Photography Challenge ~

I've also started a 52 week photo challenge with my sister, my brother and sister-in-law, and a friend.

This weeks challenge was "Self Portrait".

 Week 1 - Self Portrait - Abigail -  SEE a Thousand Words

We're posting a new picture every Friday over at  Voting is open over the weekend.  Go and vote for your favorite!

~ ~ ~

Here are some more pictures from our year.


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