Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fall 2014

Four days after Ronen was born, on June 16, was Dayton and my first anniversary.

Dayton took me out to eat and watch a movie a few days before Ronen was due because we figured I wouldn't be up for going out on our actual anniversary.

Mackenzie Smith made a wedding video for us that we got on our anniversary.

After the 16th our first year was over and Dayton had to start working again.  We got a bit of extra time since I had just had Ronen but we actually had to stay home the end of August and September to work. :)

Just because we stayed home didn't mean we didn't have fun.

We played a lot of disc golf...

Did some sight seeing and enjoyed the beautiful mountains...

And watched a lot of football.

After working for a couple months we headed down to Tennessee to spend Tabernacles with friends.

The rest of Dayton's family (except for Will who stayed home and ran routes with Dayton) was already in TN for the birth of Barrett and Devin's little girl.

We went to join them and meet Torah.

All the Warren grand kids.

Ronen and Torah.  They're only three months apart.

Ronen's first time camping in a tent.

It was a busy week for Ronen.  He fell asleep during worship multiple times.

While we were in Tennessee we decided to take a quick little trip over to North Carolina to visit Grandma Rogers.

He also got to meet his Great Great Grandpa Bill who's 102.

When we got back home we got our first real snow of the year.  It was snowing when we left but this was the first time it stuck.

One of the views from our condo.

Right now were up in Alaska with no snow whatsoever and a balmy 45 degrees.  
And everyone thinks Alaska is cold.  :)

We drove up the Alcan to Alaska to have a little family reunion.  Deborah and Trey are here also.  Ronen is having fun meeting his Grandpa for the first time and all his Uncles and Aunts.

More pictures of that later.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Summer 2014

Well, so much for posting more often... :/  Oh well, better once or twice then never.

It has been a summer full of traveling.

After spending March in Alaska with my family we drove down the Alcan with them for Family Week and, although we didn't know it at the time, Deborah and Trey's Wedding.

Flying out to Anchorage on our way to the lower 48.

On the Alcan.

After making it through Canada we got to North Dakota and Deborah and Trey got betrothed.  After spending a few days with Grandma in ND we headed for Colorado to our house.  The whole family spent the weekend with us and went skiing for a day.

Sarah and I taking a break.

After skiing we headed to Kentucky for Family Week and Passover then on to North Carolina to visit Grandma and Grandpa and for the Versteeg family reunion.  

 We had five generations in one picture.  Ronen, the fifth generation, was still inside of me though. :)

This was the last time we got to see Grandpa Rogers.  He had a heart attack and died a week before Ronen was born.  Ronen would have been his first great grandchild.  He was a great Grandpa and I wish he would have been able to meet Ronen.

The Versteeg family.

After leaving Grandma and Grandpa's house Dayton and I headed back to Colorado to spend a week at home for a midwife appointment.  The rest of my family headed to North Dakota to get ready for Deborah and Trey's Wedding.  

After a week Dayton and I headed to ND also to help get ready for the wedding.

We had the wedding on Grandma's farm.  It was a lot of fun.  A lot of people came and camped out for the whole weekend including Dayton's family.  It was a weekend of continuous volleyball.

My entire family.

All the girls.

 All the boys.

The wedding cake I got to make.  (Wedding pictures from A-Team Photography)

After the wedding my family went back to Alaska and Dayton and I drove home to Colorado with his family.

I was 36 weeks pregnant at this point and we decided we should stay home for a while. :)

Ronen Eliyahu was born on June 12.

A couple hours after he was born.

Mom was there for the birth.  She was in North Carolina for Grandpa Rogers funeral and flew straight to Colorado on the day Ronen was due.  I went into labor the morning after she flew in.

I had him at home with a wonderful midwife and the labor was great with no complications.

Four days old.

After spending a month at home recouping we hit the road again for family reunions in Oklahoma and Texas. 

Ronen enjoyed meeting Papa Warren.

After spending time in Oklahoma for Mema's birthday Dayton and I, along with his borther and sister, headed to Minnesota for Deborah's sister-in-law's wedding.

Deborah got to meet Ronen while we were there.

After the wedding we spent a week at Grandma Effie's with Deborah and Trey.

After spending the week at Grandma's and going to another friends wedding we headed back home and actually stayed there for a couple months.

That was our summer up to August.  I'll finish up the fall later. :)